7 Ferramentas Anti Click Fraud

7 Ferramentas Anti Click Fraud

O melhor que há atualmente no mercado

Fomos ao mercado ver como está a oferta de sistemas para prevenção e combate aos cliques fraudulentos em anúncios pagos por clique (PPC).

A nossa escolha recaiu no ClickCease, considerando a qualidade do suporte, as soluções oferecidas, a facilidade de utilização e o preço.

1º – ClickCease™ – Click Fraud Protection & Prevention

How much does ClickCease™ cost? ClickCease™ offers a pro click fraud protection solution for a great price

2º – ClickGUARD™ Click Fraud Protection Software

Starting with a 7-day free trial, we offer simple pricing tiers. Plans are tailored to different types of customers: Standard SMBs, Enterprise, and Agencies.

3º – TrafficGuard | Stop Google Ads Click Fraud | Free Plan

TrafficGuard’s PPC protection leverages the sophistication of our performance ad fraud prevention solution to protect PPC campaigns on Google Ads.

4º – ClickReport – Click Fraud Detection and Monitoring

ClickReport.com PPC & Click Fraud Resource Center | Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords Tips. Detect and Prevent Pay-Per-Click Fraud to Improve Your ROI.

5º – Improvely | PPC Click Fraud Monitoring and Detection

The latest estimates from Click Forensics and Anchor Intelligence say 17-29% of clicks on paid ads are fraudulent. These clicks from scammers and competitors are costing you money while producing no sales, si…

6. – ADWARY® – Protects against click fraud

ADWARY is the data protection compliant solution against click fraud. Thanks to a sophisticated methodology, even the most complex fraud patterns are detected in real time. This enables an immediate reaction in case of need. Click fraud is a thing of t…

7º – PPC Protect | Click Fraud Prevention Platform

Prevent click fraud and get more from your PPC adverts with our click fraud prevention platform. Check out our pricing plans and full features list.

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